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Nonchalant, elegant, timeless. With its expertly scaled-down design and fine details, the EPURATO line embodies Italian style and a purely modern attitude to life. Its urban chic is practically a call to enjoy life – in all of its colours and shades. Designed both for men and women!



Powerful, strong and robust. The MILITARE is the iconic face of the ANONIMO brand. Originally developed for professional use, the collection still fulfils the purpose for which it was created – withstanding the greatest challenges and strains.



Expressive, sporty and functional. The motto of the NAUTILO collection is "Immerse yourself in life – or cool water". The watches are a contemporary reinterpretation of the brand's first professional diver's watches. The NAUTILO line's unmistakable personality remains characterised by the crown at 4 o'clock and the distinctively graduated unidirectional bezel.



The Nautilo Automatic manages to feel both vintage and modern at the same time. While Panerai is using a similar case, its watches distinctly seem to hearken back to a sepia-toned past, whereas Anonimo comes off a bit more sleek and fresh.

Quality is the name of the game here. With some brands, the prices feel completely disconnected from the product. With this Italian maker, that doesn’t seem to be the case. I’d suggest you get an Anonimo in your hands and see if you feel the same.

Rob Nudds,

For starters, it is a wonderful crossover between sporty and dressy. I have never owned a classy watch in such a beautiful color (I love turquoise). I love the size, it is perfect! The crown guard is well positioned and the movement appears flawless! I have a smaller wrist and this does not wear awkwardly either. Even though it is not about what other people think, it was great when a friend of mine who has an Omega, Oris and Hamilton in his collection was highly impressed with the quality!

Sherri, a Client and an Instagram Follower

It is this history of common passions that Anonimo tells its story. A passion for Swiss watchmaking tinged with the richness of the Italian lifestyle. A passion for nature, wine, good food, and the simple truth that we love to live together.


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