With its Swiss made movements and Italian roots, the brand combines Swiss precision and joie de vivre. Whereas Switzerland is about quality and performance, Italy embodies elegance and warmth. The spirit of the brand thus naturally reflects excellence, Dolce Vita, friendship and conviviality. Originally manufacturing sturdy and uncompromising watches for professional divers, the brand nowadays brings generations together, creating timepieces that straddle art de vivre and elegance. Each ANONIMO watch carries the unique expression of the brand's passion for design and care to details.

Founded in Florence in 1997, ANONIMO made a name for itself in the uncompromising world of professional diving, particularly amongst the famous Cooperativa Nazionale Sommozzatori S.c. a r.l (CNS) that performs diving services, such as the supplying of diving, pigging, hydrotesting, pipeline trenching, and remote operated vehicle observation services. Thanks to the use of a screw-in crown locking system and water-resistant push-buttons, the brand started producing diver's watches able to sustain water pressure equivalent to more than 1000 metres. The PROFESSIONALE was even tested and operated at a depth of 2000 metres. Building on the success of those patented inventions developped in close cooperation with experts and professionals, ANONIMO then launched several other product lines such as the staple MILITARE which features the emblematic articulated crown guard.

In 2006, military engineer Dino Zei joined ANONIMO on a permanent basis, and developed a product line called NAUTILO, working not only on the design but also on the quality of the materials used such as bronze. ANONIMO timepieces embody robustness and functionality through their elegant and distinctive design. Based on its ori - gins and history, the brand has been playing with originality and precision in its creations, bringing together Italian elegance and Swiss know-how. ANONIMO’s watches have always been driven by Swiss movements and since 2013, when the company moved its headquarters to Switzerland, it has complied with the Swiss Made label. The first decision taken was to concentrate the collection, retaining only the MILITARE and NAUTILO lines. However, the philosophy of the label’s founders remains unchanged: a straightforward, elegant and very unique design, a perfect dial readability, and a proven robustness. In 2018, the EPURATO collection was created, focusing on a more refined and smart look.