Le0pard Racing on top form

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Le0pard Racing on top form

With 4 titles under their belt, this is indisputably Le0pard Racing's year. Even before the season has ended, the team and his rider, Lorenzo Dalla Porta, have already been crowned the 2019 Moto3 world champions, and the titles just keep on coming…

At the close of the Valencia Grand Prix, Marcos Ramírez took third place on the podium for the 2019 season and the team earned the Best Hospitality title for the competition. Two extra awards to give this outstanding team the perfect end to the season and illustrate their team spirit, determination and courage.

As official partner to the team since 2015, ANONIMO warmly congratulates Le0pard Racing, Lorenzo Dalla Porta and Marcos Ramírez on their titles, and pays tribute to all those involved in this extraordinary adventure who have worked so hard to secure these victories. ANONIMO celebrates this incredible team with a 97-piece limited edition NAUTILO Le0pard bearing the team colours.

There's a saying that success smiles at those who do things with passion; these victories prove exactly that. It is passion that pushes each individual to surpass themselves, whether they are riders always pushing their limits, mechanics in constant pursuit of precision, engineers with their intricate expertise or bosses running the team, not to mention all those who work behind the scenes.

Le0pard Racing is, at heart, a glorious human adventure bound by shared passion.

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