Portrait: Grégoire Furrer, founder of the Montreux Comedy Festival

Portrait: Grégoire Furrer, founder of the Montreux Comedy Festival

At the head of the world's number one French-language comedy festival, Grégoire is a passionate man with a head full of ideas. He tells us about his relationship with comedy: "I come from a family where there was always a lot of laughter, and a general attitude of appreciation for the joy in life. Life is too short and precious for sadness. Laughter frees, opens and sometimes even heals".


What is the link between comedy and time? For the cheerful entrepreneur, it's obvious: "Comedy and watchmaking are all about timing. It's a vital factor in comedy, so time and comedy are natural bedfellows. Humour only works if the timing is right. A show is only magical if it unfolds at the right pace".


Thanks to his Swiss origins, the Montreux native has a natural love of fine watchmaking and this uniquely Swiss expertise. A devotee for years, he wears his watch like a single, striking piece of male jewellery, admitting: "If I go out without my watch, I feel naked".

What does he love about ANONIMO? Above all, the human connection. He explains: "When we sit down together, it's very quickly apparent that we share the same values. The ANONIMO team and I soon realised that we were lovers of life. But also that we paid attention to the little details, that we wanted to create something long-lasting, that we were passionate, and, above all, that we love to have fun and don't take ourselves too seriously. It's a great foundation for a relationship".


Grégoire proudly sports a limited edition ANONIMO EPURATO 30-year Montreux Comedy Festival, but what really gets him excited is ANONIMO's support for the "Mon Premier Montreux" (My First Montreux) project. When he talks about it, there's a twinkle in his eye: "Offering this kind of coaching to six young comedians under top-level conditions and with such an extraordinary platform represents an incredible opportunity. It's a fantastic project for supporting young talent, and one that embodies all the fundamental values we share: emotion, connection and a love of life".


More info on the Montreux Comedy's website.